Els: Bio

Els Mommers is an art quilter and dyer born in Holland, resident in Saba, the Dutch Caribbean, since 1987. A graduate of the Witte Lelie in Amsterdam, with degrees in Fine Arts and Art Education, Els taught art in the High School (SGL) in Lelystad, Holland, and fine arts at the Saba Comprehensive School.

After ten years of teaching in Saba, Els and her husband opened a small ecohotel, El Momo Cottages, and ran a shop, El Momo Folkart, from which she introduced tourists from all over the world to Caribbean art produced by the Kuna Indians of the San Blas Islands.

Els’s own venture into quilting began with the repurposing of molas from the Kuna Indians and flowered into art quilting after viewing an exhibition of Ineke Berlyn’s work, followed by a course in creative quilting. Subsequent to that, Els produced art quilts which have been exhibited in Saba and to the Dutch Royal Family, a signal honor. She has also participated in international exhibitions in Europe and Taiwan.

A producer of deeply imaginative art quilts drenched in the color and beauty she sees around her, Els does her own dyeing to obtain the different color values necessary to recreate what her imagination devises. For her, this is vital because she wants those beholding her work to have a full appreciation of the ambient joy and beauty.

Els’s creative philosophy is inspirational to makers everywhere: Keep working. Don’t worry about the mistakes, just go on. Inspiration comes to those who work.