Our Services

  1. We diligently search for fiber artisans in the Caribbean region and the diaspora; introduce and promote them and their work; offer them an online venue for the ongoing promotion and sale of their work.
  2. We keep fiber artisans abreast of shows and exhibits in which they may participate.
  3. We offer free weaving classes for children to introduce them to textiles and the fiber arts: This is patterned after the Wissa Wissef program in Egypt, in which children receive free basic instruction in tapestry weaving, frame looms, yarn, and let loose to create.
  4. We teach workshops to enhance artisans' knowledge: weaving, dyeing, surface design, to name a few.
  5. While financial success is a great motivator, the overarching vision of Carib Fiber Arts is the re-introduction, development, and dissemination of  loom culture in the Caribbean region. Therefore, for every five cones of yarn sold, the company will donate one to the Carib Fiber Arts loom culture reintroduction project. 
  6. We are always looking for skill-builders, interns who are willing to locate and interview the artisans in their community, write articles, and send the audio/video to us for consideration and posting. In this way, we provide an opportunity for up and coming writers, journalists, and audio-/videographers to make their bones. To assist, we will provide a starter set of questions to help you with the interview. Thank you.