How to Make an Electric Bobbin Winder for Less Than $125

At Carib Fiber Arts, we like to know how to do things and love to pass that knowledge around. So, having done the research, the step-by-step details of making a viable electric bobbin winder are now yours. Before you drill, please ensure that your measurements are such as would yield the desirable result. Caveat: We are not engineers. These measurements are guides/suggestions that are intended to help you make a bobbin winder for less than $125.

Intro to Silk Lap Spinning

If we ever get the kinks in our online store worked out, one of the things that will be sold there is silk lap, which is layered sheets of mulberry silk used to line comforters and jackets. Mary Egbert's videos are excellent how-to's for those who wish to try their hand at silk lap spinning and dyeing. Though we have an Ashford Traditional spinning wheel, we have not really focused on spinning. Therefore, we bring you Mary's first video on the topic What is a Silk Lap and How to Spin it Woolen Longdraw. Enjoy!

Creating an Art Quilt

A large part of the service provided at Carib Fiber Arts is educational. Therefore, we find material to inspire and encourage readers to try something new. Like art quilting. Els Mommers and Pauline Barrett have made names for themselves as art quilters. The following video gives an idea how to begin. In it, National Quilters Circle's Karen Gillis Taylor provides designing and making instructions, and passes on valuable tips and techniques of art quilting. Enjoy. 


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